Learn how to choose a rigging inspection company in the final lesson of Sling Inspection 101.

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In this video:
     ► Why do you need a rigging inspection? 0:11
     ► Competent vs qualified vs designated persons 0:45
     ► Establishing a defendable position for your business 1:25
     ► Maintaining inspection documentation 1:55
     ► Common objections during rigging inspections 2:14
     ► The risk of receiving a “free” inspection
     ► Our inspectors position on having sales goals

Enroll in Sling Inspection 101 to learn the OSHA and ASME standards of wire rope, synthetic web, alloy chain, synthetic roundsling, high-performance roundsling, metal mesh, and synthetic rope lifting slings.

Proper inspection of your wire rope slings for damage or irregularities, prior to each use, is the best way to help keep everybody on the job site safe.

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