In this video, we’ll explain the process for engineering and manufacturing a custom BTH device, from identifying a need, to lead time, to delivery, so you know what you can expect when you purchase a device from a third-party.

When looking for a custom BTH device you need to go to a company that, not only can build a device for your needs, but can meet every single one of OSHA’s requirements for the device.

If you’re ready to purchase a custom BTH device from a third-party, then download our FREE checklist to help speed up the process!

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In this video:

0:00 – Why should you go to a 3rd party for your device?

0:28 – Intro

2:06 – What standards apply to BTH devices?

3:16 – What is the process of ordering a custom BTH device?

5:10 – What’s the lead time for custom BTH device?

5:54 – What if my BTH device gets damaged?

7:02 – Why is it important to go to an accredited company?

8:35 – What will your engineered BTH device will come with?

9:10 – FREE DOWNLOAD – Custom Lifting Device Considerations and Design Sheet Bundle

9:40 – How to get more information

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