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Know the Load! Prevent Accidents with Straightpoint Load Cells

Looking to prevent accidents and improve lifting operations? Discover how Straightpoint’s cutting-edge Radiolink and BlueLink load cells revolutionize load monitoring and safety.

In this video, Crosby lifting and rigging expert Denny Davis introduces the game-changing features of Straightpoint load cells, allowing you to know the exact tension, force, and weight of your rigging gear with unmatched accuracy. Learn how load cells streamline operations, reduce downtime, and ensure safer lifts.

Don’t compromise on safety—watch now and discover the power of Straightpoint load cells. Contact Mazzella’s lifting and rigging department for more information. Subscribe for more industry insights and stay informed on safe rigging practices.

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In This Video

0:00 – Why do you need to understand what you’re lifting?

0:44 – Do you really know what you are lifting?

1:48 – What are load cells?

2:03 – Why are load cells important?

2:39 – What is the Crosby | Straightpoint Radiolink plus load cell?

3:02 – What is the Crosby | Straightpoint BlueLink load cell?

3:40 – Which load cell is right for your application? Radiolink or BlueLink?

4:19 – Does shackle size matter when using a load cell?

4:55 – How do you use Radiolink load cells?

5:29 – How does the sling angle affect the weight of your load?

6:26 – How the Radiolink load cell works

8:20 – What separates Straightpoint load cells from the competition?

9:03 – What industries should be using load cells?

9:42 – How can you learn more about Crosby | Straightpoint load cells?

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