The Verton EVEREST SpinPod 7.5 uses gyroscopic technology to create an output torque, precisely orienting and holding loads in position at the touch of a button. This disposes of the need for taglines and eliminates risk by moving your workers away from a moving load! In this video, we look at how creating a handsfree lifting operation can increase productivity and ensure that workers always get home safe.

In this video, we:

● Dive into the features of the EVEREST SpinPod 7.5

● Demonstrate how it works

● Discuss some use case scenarios so you can decide if a SpinPod might be helpful in your lifting operation.

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In this video:

0:00 – What is the Verton EVEREST SpinPod 7.5?

1:35 – What applications is the SpinPod 7.5 used for?

1:50 – What is the technology behind the SpinPod?

2:07 – Can you use your own spreader bar with the SpinPod?

2:29 – How far can the SpinPod remote control reach?

3:01 – How long does the SpinPod 7.5 battery last?

3:26 – How much weight can the SpinPod 7.5 control?

4:24 – How does the EVEREST SpinPod 7.5 work?

6:29 – What real world situations can you use the SpinPod in?

7:25 – Can you use the SpinPod with multiple sling legs?

7:49 – What can you lift with the EVEREST SpinPod 7.5?

8:05 – How can you get more information on the EVEREST SpinPod 7.5?

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