Schedule remote lifting and rigging training for your employees, wherever they are, whenever they need it.

Contact our training department and schedule remote training here.

In this video, we take you through Mazzella’s remote training program:
► Mazzella’s remote training classes are tailored to your business 0:25
► Live one-to-one interaction with two trainers 0:30
► Workbooks, pocket guides, and training materials in advance of the course 0:35

Three remote training options:
Option A: Have your crew maintain 6 feet of social distancing requirements in a conference room or training room, or from multiple rooms, equipped with a computer, camera, microphone, speakers, and either a large television or a projector to view the training presentation. 0:51
Option B: Have your crew join from their homes or personal work stations, to maintain social distancing requirements. Each attendee should join from a desktop or laptop computer equipped with a web camera, microphone, speakers, and stable internet connection. 1:08
Option C: Use a combination of the two to meet the needs of your company while keeping everyone safe and engaged. 1:21

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