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How Mazzella Is Your One-Stop Solution for Overhead Lifting & Material Handling

Based in Lorain, Ohio, Skylift is a leading easement equipment manufacturer that specializes in industry-leading solutions for specialty backyard utility products, including aerial lifts, battery-powered digger machines, and derricks that allows for safe and efficient work to be done at height.

Despite being a top choice of workers in the field, with growth came challenges as Skylift experienced several problems with products and suppliers. Rather than falling behind on machine repairs or manufacturing, they looked for local companies that could help and found Mazzella.

“Business functionality has improved. Now, with any type of lifting application that we have here, or any type of supply chain issues, we can reach out to Mazzella, get a salesman in here, and come up with a solution. We have multiple applications here, and to have a company like Mazzella, it really smooths out the operation.”

Watch and find out how Mazzella can be your one stop solution for your overhead lifting and material handling needs. From compliance, to efficiency, to supply, Mazzella has the right solution.

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In this video:

0:00 – Who is Skylift?

0:30 – What problem did Skylift need solved?

1:18 – How Mazzella became their one stop shop for lifting needs

1:24 – How Mazzella solved overhead lifting needs

1:44 – How Mazzella helped with compliance

2:03 – Why Mazzella is a one stop shop

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