In this video, we cover the history, configurations, and best uses of Slingmax® Twin-Path® Slings with John Ketchum and Greg D’Elia from Slingmax Rigging Solutions!

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In this video we cover:
► Introduction to John Ketchum – Vice President of Sales, Slingmax® 0:54
► Introduction to Greg D’Elia – Director of Engineering, Slingmax® 1:33
► Who is Slingmax®? 1:49
► Twin-Path® slings vs. other lifting slings 4:42

We also cover:
► Misconceptions about Twin-Path® slings 10:38
► Other features and technologies 11:45
► Common uses and applications 12:38
► Maintenance and repairability 17:27
► Industries supported by Slingmax® 20:16

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