Bridon Dyform® 34LR MAX

Dyform 34 LR MAX is a high performance compacted low rotational rope that consists of varying multistrand rope designs which have undergone a final rope compacting process.

  • Highest breaking strength
  • Excellent rotation resistance
  • Improved crush resistance
  • Accurate diameter and tight diameter tolerance

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  • Strongest of all ropes in the six strand product range—confirmed by Bridon’s “Powercheck” testing of a sample from each production length.
  • Superior bending fatigue life when compared with conventional six strand ropes—confirmed by laboratory testing and extensive field experience.
  • Excellent resistance to crushing and abrasion resulting from the overall compactness and robustness of the rope and the Dyform strands—recommended when multi-layer spooling is involved.
  • Reduced elongation results from increased steel content and the Dyform process.
  • Optional plastic coating of IWRC to further extend fatigue life, improve structural stability and resistance to corrosion.

Endurance Dyform 34LR PI Wire Rope: Chart 1


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