CM Hurricane Mini 360° Hand Chain Hoist

1/4 and 1/2 Ton Capacities with Up To 20′ Standard Lifts

Mini but mighty! The CM Hurricane Mini 360° is the smallest hand chain hoist on the market with full 360° rotation, providing flexibility and versatility for narrow or challenging applications.

Small and lightweight, the Hurricane Mini 360° is ideal for multi-angle applications, allowing the operator to lift from virtually any position. The Hurricane Mini is essential for service technicians, construction workers, or any low-capacity on-the-job lift.

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Light to Carry and Easy to Store

  • Compacted, lightweight design makes the hoist easy to install for on-the-go lifting applications.
  • An essential part of your everyday toolset.

Patented 360° Rotating Hand Chain Cover

  • Unique rotating hand chain cover allows the chain to rotate a full 360° for safe and efficient operation from any direction.
  • The cover design promotes smooth movement of the chain and a wide range of applications.

Built for Durability and Reliability

  • Made of aluminum alloy, the durable design ensures safety and reliability.
  • The double pawl brake system provides advanced safety while special heat-treated flex hook prevents damage.

Everyday Applications

  • The most versatile mini hoist on the market, the CM Hurricane Mini 360° is a standard part of your toolbox for everyday applications.
  • Ready for nearly any low capacity lift, the Hurricane Mini 360° is ideal for use at home and in factories, for field construction, agriculture, warehouse, and small equipment installation.
  • Anti-corrosive properties ensure durability in chemical and marine environments.


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