Esmet Angular Contact Ball Bearing Swivels

Streamlined Design and Maximum Performance

  • Designed for high rotational speeds, these models react to low operational torque…the perfect swivels for longer ropes and cables.
  • Manufactured with two or more flush ground angular contact ball bearings.
  • Bearings are permanently lubricated with high-pressure grease and sealed at the factory.
  • Flush pins are available for overhead and underground electrical line stringing (please specify). Swivel ends are shaped to prevent snagging when gliding over sheaves and other potential obstructions.
  • Heat treated high strength alloy steel, zinc plated for corrosion resistance, provides the strongest yet lightest swivel available. Ultimate strength is minimum 4.5 to 1 over SWL (Safe Working Load).
  • All swivels proof-tested and certified.


Angular Contact Ball Bearing Swivels Specs

All dimensions in inches

( ) For line stringing applications requiring a 3 to 1 Safe Working Load.


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