RUD WBG Load Ring Bolted

360° Swivelling / 180° Pivoting with a Ball Bearing

Complies with the machinery directives 2006/42/EG
For heavy loads, which have to be turned and swiveled.
  • With ball bearings. Swivels under full load.
  • Not suitable for permanent swivelling under full load, especially in 90° direction.
  • Loadable in any direction. Safety factor 4:1.
  • Suspension ring manufactured acc. EN 1677-4 grade 80 (100% magnetic crack detected and proof loaded).
  • S = max. allowed gap.
  • WBG New: Wear marks in the main load directions 45°, 60° and 90°.


Safety Notice: Please provide plain bolting surface. The countersunk for the thread should be: thread diameter plus 4 mm (15 inch). The base material of the workpiece must be capable to withstand the occurring lifting forces. Minimum required material = ST 37 (1.0037).

WBG Load Ring Bolted Detail

WBG Load Ring Bolted Specs

CAUTION: During lifting, the ring of the lifting point can engage in any position. The embossed WLL is for the worst case scenario.

If the ring is manually adjusted to the horizontal position, higher WLL values in brackets ( ) can be chosen. In case of straight pull (vertical load direction) Maximum WLL can be chosen.

Attention: Refer to RUD user instructions.

The WLL (Working Load Limit) is listed at the nominal value (worst case scenario) unless otherwise specified.


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