Harrington RHN Series Deck / Base Mounted Electric Wire Rope Hoist

RHN Trolley: 2 to 15 Metric Ton Capacities with 20, 28, 33 and 46-Foot Lifts

RHN Deck / Base Mounted: 2 to 20 Metric Ton Capacities with 20 and 33-Foot Lifts

Harrington’s high-performance RHN Series Deck / Base Mounted electric wire rope hoists feature a compact, modular design that is perfect for stationary applications or combined with a double girder trolley for double girder crane systems. The basic design is ideal for hoist retro-fits on existing crane applications.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Premium Wire Rope—Provides high resistance to fatigue and wear.
  • Graphite Cast Iron Rope Guide—Provides low wear and keeps the rope securely in the groove on the drum.
  • Load Limiter—Reduces the potential for making hazardous, over-capacity lifts. Overloading the hoist electrically activates the load limiter sensor, making hoist lifting inoperable.
  • Helical Gearing—Provides maintenance free, smooth and quiet operation.
  • Easy Maintenance Control Panel—IP55 protection with modern controls. Components mounted on DIN rail. Equipped with main line contactor.
  • Heavy Duty Electromagnetic Brake—Totally enclosed and fan cooled to ensure long life. Easy to inspect. One million cycles.
  • Heavy Duty Cylindrical Motor—Fan cooled (TEFC) with Class F insulation and a ribbed frame for maximum cooling and durability. High protection Class IP55 and positive temperature control (PTC) thermal sensors.
  • Bottom Block Sheaves—Cast iron for increased wire rope life.
  • Rope Drum—Designed for durability and long service life.
  • Adjustable Geared Limit Switch—Operation of switch set for upper and lower block position and emergency limit.
  • Motor Management—Equipped with overload cut-off and count hour meter.
  • Block Operated Limit Switch—Standard equipment. Secondary limit in case the primary limit fails. Meets requirements of ASME.

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We do repairs in-house and stock a full line of parts.
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