L-320R Eye Hook ROV

  • Each hook is clearly marked with an identification code for easy recognition.
  • Undergone a quenching and tempering process for enhanced durability.
  • Features QUICK-CHECK indicators to assess deformation and angle at a glance.
  • Finished in fluorescent yellow to ensure superior visibility underwater.
  • Designed with an extended tip for streamlined handling.
  • Hooks ranging from 3.2t to 31.5t are equipped with the newly integrated S-4320 latch, aligning with premier global lifting standards.
  • Stamped latch is engineered to interlock seamlessly with the hook tip.
  • Incorporates a high-cycle, durable spring for extended operational life.
  • Equipped with pad eyes on each side to act as cable guides, alongside a drilled hole in the latch, which facilitates remote cable operation for latch opening.
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L-320R Eye Hook ROV - Specs
L-320R Eye Hook ROV
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