Newco Special Wire Rope Thimbles



Slip-Thru Thimbles

Slip-Thru Thimbles are designed to allow passage of an identical thimble through its eye. This is a necessity when a regular sling is used as a choker sling. Slip-Thru Thimbles also prevent the eye of the sling from mashing together and the top of the eye wearing excessively. The generous inside dimensions allow the thimbles to fit large crane hooks. Rope retention ears are tapered so they can be bent or peened over wire rope.

Slip-Thru Thimbles Diagram Slip-Thru Thimbles Specs


Crescent Thimbles

Crescent Thimbles are designed to protect the bearing surface of a loop where a large dimension loop is necessary. The ears are tapered so that they can be bent or peened over wire rope. Standard-Laid Rope Size 3/8″ to 3″.

Crescent Thimbles Diagram

Crescent Thimbles Specs


No. 83 Casing Thimbles

The No. 83 Casing Thimble has been designed for the oil industry. The Choker Thimbles, No. 82, No. 84, No. 85, No. 86 and No. 87 are designed especially for braided choker slings. The ears can be peened over to retain wire rope.

No. 83 Casing Thimbles Diagram

No. 83 Casing Thimbles Specs


Equalizing Thimbles

Equalizing Thimble—Single and double groove. Provides for the adjustment of the length of the legs of bridle slings so as to lift unbalanced loads evenly. Makes all bridle slings more versatile while eliminating center ring and two splices. Material: Cast electric steel.

Equalizing Thimbles Diagram

Equalizing Thimbles Specs


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