Spelter Socket Assemblies (Boom Pendants)

Molten zinc is standard as the bonding medium surrounding wires inside the socket, but epoxy compound may be specified.

Both mediums have same capacity ratings. Steel forgings are used for rope sizes 1/2″ through 4″, and cast steel fittings for larger sizes. Larger than 4″ available on special order. Assembly length is measured from centerline of pin for open sockets and bearing point for closed sockets.

Wire rope assemblies with fittings permanently attached at ends are custom fabricated for use as boom pendants, guylines, raising lines, backstays, lifting bridles, etc. These are offered in both poured or spelter sockets and mechanically swaged sockets.


Spelter Socket Assemblies / Boom Pendants: Specs

Spelter Socket Assemblies (Boom Pendants) chart 1

Spelter Socket Assemblies (Boom Pendants) chart 2

Spelter Socket Assemblies (Boom Pendants) chart 3


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