RUD VLBS Load Ring For Welding

Complies with the machinery directives 2006/42/EG
  • The VLBS forged out of high tensile CrNiMo – steel with an innovative design offers many advantages.
    – Up to 50 % higher WLL.
    – The two protective supporting lugs (inside the load ring) are patented and they improve the connection with the attachment in addition to the protected clamping spring.
    – The support effect is exceptional, especially if the ring is side loaded or the lifting point is welded on an uneven workpiece.
    – Pink powder coating, a VIP recognition attribute and a heat indicator.
  • Easy and quick to weld assembly.
  • Compact and shapely design.
  • High dynamic and static strength.


  • Forged suspension ring acc. to EN 1677, grade 80, electromagnetic crack detected, pink powder coated; meets the requirements of the appropriate safety authorities.
  • The welding block has been forged of material 1.0570 (St 52-3) and clearly stamped with the permissible WLL. The patented distance lugs assist in achieving the correct root weld.
  • Important: By the special weld design (continuous HV), therequirements of DIN 18800 are fulfilled, i.e., a closed weld avoidscorrosion and thus suitable for outdoor use
  • Distinctive features for type LBS-U: A protected spring maintains the load ring in every required position. The parts are assembled in such a way that they remain captive.
  • The spring reduces vibration induced noise.

VLBS Load Ring For Welding

VLBS Load Ring For Welding Specs

Attention: Refer to RUD user welding instructions.

The WLL (Working Load Limit) is listed at the nominal value (worst case scenario) unless otherwise specified.


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