Straightpoint CableSafe


  • Fiber-optic cable pulling using turret winches
  • Watergates for dams
  • Offshore rescue and retrieval
  • Capstan rope/cable winding
  • Broadcast and telecommunications
  • Erecting towers (maintaining structural capacity)
  • Service and maintenance of cell towers
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The CableSafe is the continued evolution of Straightpoint’s running line tensiometers. Compatible with a wide range of rope and electrical cable diameters – 4-30mm.
When used in the field, it will allow the
user to monitor tension with exceedingly high levels of accuracy, which ensures rope/cables do not become overstretched or break.

When using a capstan winch to unwind electrical cable from a reel/spool, you will be able to integrate the CableSafe within this set-up to ensure that it is being pulled at a safe tension level. This helps the line maintain its transmissions capability, prevent it from becoming a fire hazard risk, and it also stops the need for furthering work in order to remove and replace it. The contractor is gifted with decreased liability, dramatically increasing peace of mind. Using CableSafe on cable pulls reduces liabilities on cable installations, making it ideal for the following applications:

  • Measure tension when pulling electrical cables – protect against fractures or elongation
  • Measuring tension on synthetic rope when erecting delicate structures using gin poles and capstan winch

Another example of the best use is during the installation of cell phone towers or similar delicate structures. The product helps ensure structure-to-ground ropes which are connected to a gin pole and pully system. Do not exceed maximum tension whilst lifting sections of the tower to the top because there can be the possibility of the rope becoming snagged, causing greater tension to be loaded upon the system. With heavy materials being lifted to great heights; this would create a major safety hazard leading to a catastrophic failure, endangering lives. Avoid the unknown through accurate monitoring, especially when risks are high.

What distinguishes it, apart from previous versions of this type, is the developed lightweight design, allowing easy transportation and usage. Providing up to 500 hours of battery life, you can be assured there will not be any loss of power before your workday has ended. High-level IP67 or NEMA6 ingress protection allows it to be used in a variety of heavy weather conditions and dusty environments. These features, as a collective, means that it will be an invaluable and reliable tool in your work-related armoury.

The five-wheel design and gravity catch, with top sheave pins, allows for fast and simple rope attachment set-up. The accuracy is further improved over three-wheel alternatives.

When used with a cable/rope pulling device, you can remotely monitor the tension on the line using your smart handheld device via a Bluetooth connection*. With the operator locating themselves up to 100m or 328ft away from the CableSafe, it will allow them to survey job progress at a safe distance.

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