Tractel Griphoist

Increase the capacity of the GRIPHOIST-TIRFOR

The lifting and pulling power of GRIPHOIST-TIRFOR winches can be greatly increased by the use of multiple sheave blocks. These can increase the nominal capacity of the GRIPHOIST-TIRFOR machine by 2, 3 or 4 times or more (see diagram below). For most applications, an allowance must be made for friction in the sheaves. Ensure that the capacity of the blocks, fittings and anchor points are suitable for the load. When using the GRIPHOIST-TIRFOR for pulling purposes, it should be remembered that the necessary pulling effort is not equal to the weight of the load to be moved. It should be calculated.

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Tractel Griphoist

Tractel Griphoist




Construction, Public Works & Civil Engineering
  • Moving and positioning formwork horizontally or vertically
  • Positioning sections of precast concrete beams lifting work platforms or suspended working platforms
  • Dragging, general lifting, guy rope tensioning, etc.
Pipelaying & Jointing
  • Positioning of pipes for welding and jointing
  • Laying concrete pipes and pulling them together
  • Underwater pipeline assembly
  • Positioning formwork
  • Guy rope tensioning
  • Pulling pre-cast concrete beams
  • Suspending inspection and maintenance platforms
Steel Structures
  • Plumbing or aligning steel structures
  • Erecting steel silos
  • Installation and removal of machine tools and presses
  • Loading and unloading of heavy equipment
  • Lifting and pulling during maintenance operations
Escalators & Elevators
  • Loading, unloading and rigging of prefabricated escalators
  • Lifting and positioning the cars and hoisting mechanisms
Electricity & Telecommunications
  • Positioning transformers
  • Erection of mobile aerials and antennas
  • Tensioning underground and overhead cables
  • Guy rope tensioning operations
Oil & Chemical Industries
  • Controlled positioning and assembly of pipes and dueling
  • Tensioning guy ropes for silos and tanks during construction
  • Inspection and maintenance work
Mines & Quarries
  • Handling and positioning equipment and underground machinery
  • Tensioning or splicing conveyors
Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering
  • Centering ships in dry dock
  • Anchoring barges and tugboats
Rail & Road Transport
  • Lifting and removal of pylons and signals
  • Maintenance and tensioning of lines
  • Load binding heavy and difficult loads
  • Loading and unloading
Armed Forces
  • Many applications in the different sections of the Armed Forces (Engineering, Air Force, Army, Navy and Marines, communication and transportation)
Fire Services & Civil Defense
  • Removing crash and stabilizing wreckage
  • Handling and installing of emergency bridges
  • Controlling the direction of fall of a tree
  • Clearing trees and rocks
  • Pulling trucks, tractors and other vehicles from mud or rivers
  • Tensioning fences

Tractel Griphoist



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