Rail Car Pulling Calculations

Rail car pulling calculations for Thern winches.



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Line pull must be calculated by accounting for track curvature, track slope and ambient temperature. Line pull may be roughly estimated from the tables and diagrams on this page, assuming the track is smooth, clean and in good condition, and rail car wheels are well lubricated. We recommend that you have your rail car pulling application carefully reviewed by the factory or a qualified sales person before selecting a winch.

The amount of line pull due to slope is dependent on the percent of slope, calculated as follows:

Slope as percent = (rise ÷ run) x 100
Example: 5 ÷ 100 x 100 = 5%

Rail Car Pulling Calculations Thern

Curved sections of track place side forces on the load which must be overcome by the winch. The amount of line pull due to track curvature is dependent on the sharpness of the curve.

Rail Car Pulling Calculations Thern

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