Union Rope PFV® & Tuf-Kote® Ropes

General purpose wire rope that delivers extra-long service life.

The key to PFV and Tuf-Kote wire rope’s benefits lie in its exclusive patented fabrication. Standard, lubricated Macwhyte® and Union® Wire Rope is used in the extrusion process where the “gaps” (or valleys) between the individual rope strands are impregnated with a sealing thermoplastic material. Each strand “valley” in the finished rope is filled with plastic. The finished rope may have a thin “skin coating” of plastic but this has no significant effect on the outside diameter of the PFV and Tuf-Kote rope or its serviceability.

Result: PFV and Tuf-Kote wire rope is a balanced sealed-lubricated wire rope that delivers exceptional performance and service life on applications that produce severe operating conditions, such as: haulback lines in high lead logging systems, saw mill carriage lines, draglines, towing hawser and drilling lines. And there is less sheave and drum wear.

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PFV & Tuf-Kote Wire Rope: Chart 1

PFV & Tuf-Kote Wire Rope: Chart 2

M.B.F. = Minimum Breaking Forces are listed in Tons of 2,000 pounds.

WT. = Approximate weight in pounds per foot.

Note: Minimum breaking forces apply only to new, unused PFV wire rope. Any performance specifications are conditional on proper rope size, construction, and grade; on proper design and maintenance of mechanical equipment on which wire rope products are used; and on proper storage, handling, use, maintenance and periodic inspection of such products during the period of use.


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