Wirerope Works / Bethlehem 19 x 7 Bright Rotation Resistant Wire Rope

19 x 7 is recommended for hoisting unguided loads with a single-part line.

  • Strands: 19
  • Wires per strand: 7
  • Core: WSC
  • Standard grade(s): Purple Plus
  • Lay: Regular
  • Finish: Bright

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The rotation resistant properties of this rope are secured by two layers of strands. The inner strands are left lay, while the 12 outer strands are right lay, which enables one layer to counteract the other layer’s rotation.

The rotation-resistant characteristics of the 19 x 7 wire ropes are superior to those of the 8 x 19 Class wire ropes.

19x7 Bright Wire Rope Rotation Resistant - Steel Core chart




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Wirerope Works, Inc. manufactures Bethlehem Wire Rope®. Wirerope Works, Inc. manufactures its own wire, wire rope, structural strand, and all fabricated products such as pendants and other assemblies on the same premises. Bethlehem brand wire rope and strand products have long been recognized worldwide for superior quality. Used for both lifting and stabilizing, Bethlehem Wire Rope products are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from crane and elevator hoist ropes to bridge suspension and anchoring offshore platforms. Wirerope Works, Inc. serves many industries including construction, logging, marine, mining, oil and gas, and steel.
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