Yale LodeKing LT Electric Wire Rope Hoist

Electric Wire Rope Hoists

The Yale LodeKing LT™ wire rope hoist provides the same high-quality performance and durability of the original LodeKing™ in an ultra-low-headroom design, making it the ideal choice when purchasing a new or replacement hoist for applications with space limitations.



The LodeKing LT features plastic-infused wire rope that prevents metal-to-metal contact between strands, helping to reduce abrasion and wear within the wire rope.

The LodeKing LT low-headroom models are available in capacities from 10 to 25 tons and, depending on your application needs, are available in economical low-horsepower, top-running and deck-mount models.


Standard Features and Benefits

  • True Vertical Lift: Better load control. Easy movement and placement of product.
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Drum: 50% groove depth to guard against rope jumping out of groove.
  • Industry-Proven Gear Drive: Easy-to-maintain gear drive features a sight glass for quick inspection of the oil level. Standard availability improves product lead time.
  • Standard Flux Vector Hoist Drive Package: Improves load control and allows for precise movements. Reduces brake wear.
  • Magnetek IMPULSE® VG+ Series 4 Drive: What’s driving your hoist? This best-in-class drive was designed with industry-leading safety and performance features. Multiple control options and power supplies are available. (See brochure for full details)
  • Plastic-Infused Wire Rope: Specifically developed for maximum performance on overhead cranes. Plastic-coated core prevents metal-to-metal contact between the core and outer strands, helping to reduce abrasion and wear while increasing the rope strength.
  • Trolley VFD Control Standard on All Units: Allows for smooth acceleration and deceleration.
  • Supplemental Upper & Lower Limit Switch: Safely stops load from being lifted or lowered beyond set limits, reducing damage to equipment and hoist.
  • Exceeds CMAA Class D Rope-to-Sheave & Drum Diameter: Reduces rope maintenance.
  • 200% Motor Brake Torque Rating: Secondary brake exceeds CMAA Standards. Stops and holds a rated load quickly and securely.
  • External Hoist Brake Resistor: Allows for dynamic braking and uninterrupted drive service at high duty cycles. Hoists are not equipped with load brakes, reducing heat generation in high-duty-cycle applications.
  • 15 to 25 HP Motors Available: Offers wide range of hoist lifting speeds.
  • Wheel Blocks Using Integral Axle Trolley Wheel Components: Ideal for Class D service requirements. Ball bearings used on 10-ton capacity and roller bearings used for 15 through 25-ton capacities.
  • Thermal Overload Protection: Provided with the drive.
  • Electronic Hoist Monitoring Card: Hoist comes standard with Pulse™ Monitor Card that records key information that can simplify troubleshooting and help reduce maintenance costs.


Optional Features

  • Load Sensing: Standard field programmable
  • Auxiliary Holding Brake
  • Wide Range of Lifts and Trolley Gauges
  • Overlay Protection with Spooling Bar
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