Specialized Wire Ropes: 8-PAC

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Bethlehem / Paulsen Wire Rope Logo Specialized Wire Ropes: 8-PAC

  • Strands: 8
  • Wires per strand: 19 to 36
  • Core: Plastic filled (BXL)
  • Standard grade(s): Royal Purple
  • Lay: Right
  • Finish: Bright
8-PAC is recommended for hoist ropes for steel mill ladle cranes and hoist and trolley ropes for container cranes, or other hoisting applications with heavy-duty cycles or where severe bending occurs.

Other features of 8-PAC include:

Superior Performance. 8-PAC has higher breaking strength and gives superior performance in difficult hoisting applications compared to standard 6-strand and 6-strand compacted ropes.

Abrasion Resistance. 8‑PAC compacted strand design provides improved abrasion resistance as compared to standard 6 and 8 strand ropes because of the increased wire and strand surfaces contacting the sheaves and drums.

Superior Flexibility. 8‑PAC is significantly more flexible than standard 6 and compacted 6 strand ropes with better spooling and longer service life.

Resistance To Multi-layer Drum Crushing. 8-PAC’s plastic-filled (BXL) core offers increased resistance to crushing through better support of the outer strands.

Specialized Wire Ropes: 8-PAC Specifications

Note: Other sizes available

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