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Anchor Trolley

Minimizing Track Drift

The Anchor TrolleyTM is our ultimate innovation in rolling trolley technology. The Anchor Trolley is designed with cone teeth made of hardened alloy steel that act as a braking mechanism and engage the steel track in the event of a fall. The engagement of the trolley teeth and track causes the trolley to anchor into place without damaging the track, virtually eliminating post-fall drift on the track.

The Anchor Trolley greatly increases the opportunity for conscious and able-bodied workers to perform a self-rescue after a fall event. Like our other trolleys, the Anchor Trolley is made from non-consumable materials while being weather-proof and temperature-proof. This design ensures that you still have the same smooth movement that has come to be associated with Rigid Lifelines® enclosed track fall arrest trolleys.

Rigid Lifelines Anchor Trolley

Ceiling-Mounted Monorail

Fall Protection without Loss of Floor Space

Rigid Lifelines® Ceiling-Mounted Monorail Anchor Track System easily mounts to existing structures and can support long runs and curves. Users travel the track’s fixed path, but with the ability to move up to 30 degrees off-plumb — all while benefiting from rigid track protection (minimal fall distance). This system is widely used for protected worker mobility for vehicle loading / unloading, industrial cleaning, and maintenance tasks.

These monorail systems can be readily installed in buildings with very tall ceilings. They are available as individual components, as a complete system kits, or as a custom-engineered system to meet your specific needs.

Rigid Lifelines Ceiling-Mounted Monorail

Traveling Bridge

360-Degree User Movement

Rigid Lifelines® Traveling Bridge Anchor Track System features a trolley that traverses a traveling bridge. The traveling bridge, in turn, glides along two mounted runways.

With the double axes, the trolley can effortlessly follow the user in any direction (360 degrees). The worker’s attachment point is always centered over his or her head—minimizing swing fall hazards—something not possible on wire rope or I-beam systems.

Ceiling-mounted systems are mounted either parallel or perpendicular (cross) to the building’s existing ceiling support beams. Flush mount hangers maximize working heights, while a drop rod hanger with sway bracing can be used to overcome overhead obstacles.

Freestanding systems are compatible with large overhead cranes because they only come up to the length of the freestanding columns. Freestanding systems can also be easily repositioned when workflow or plant layout changes.

Rigid Lifelines Traveling Bridge

Freestanding Systems

For Long Outdoor Paths with No Existing Structures

Rigid Lifelines® Freestanding Anchor Track Systems provide permanently installed fall protection over long spans where there are no existing structures.

Inverted-L Anchor Track System
Wide flange steel columns with gusset reinforcements hold cantilevered headers from which the track(s) hangs. Each frame consists of a freestanding column topped with a header that forms the “L.”
  • With three or more frames, track lengths are virtually unlimited.
  • Trolley-hook height starting at 22 feet allows access to the tops of railroad cars, tankers, trailers, outdoor equipment, and systems
  • Standard arm reach begins at 8 feet
  • Requires concrete foundations
Inverted-U Anchor Track System

Steel columns hold I-beam headers from which the track(s) hangs. Each frame consists of two freestanding columns topped with a header that forms the “U.”

  • With three or more frames, track lengths are virtually unlimited.
  • May require concrete foundations, but they are smaller than the foundations required by other cantilevered systems
  • Heights and track lengths are available per application
T-Frame Anchor Track System
Steel columns hold I-beam headers from which the track(s) hangs. Each frame consists of a freestanding column topped with a header that forms the “T.”
  • With three or more frames, the parallel tracks can be designed to span any length.
  • Service two lines of vehicles with only one row of columns
  • Requires concrete foundations

Rigid Lifelines Freestanding Systems


Compatible with Overhead Cranes and Space Restricted Work Areas

Rigid Lifelines® Fold-Away Anchor Track System is ideal for facilities needing a fall arrest system that folds up and out of the way.

When the arms are fully extended, the system provides workers with a fixed path of rigid track fall protection. Users can travel up to 30 degrees off-plumb of the track.

When not in use, the track and its arms can be folded against their support columns (e.g., the wall), leaving room for large overhead cranes. Locking mechanisms keep the system locked in place during use or storage.

Monorail track lengths of 40 feet or more allow multiple work areas to be covered by a single fall protection system.

Rigid Lifelines Fold-Away

Post Suspension

Wide Coverage with Fewer Materials

Rigid Lifelines® Post Suspension Anchor Track System designs deliver fall protection coverage to areas where conventional multiple columns cannot be installed due to obstacles or space restrictions.

Single Post System:
  • Requires only one foundation
  • Single post is ideal for space-restricted or obstacle-filled areas
  • Standard track lengths are up to 60 feet
  • Standard trolley-hook height is 22 feet (custom heights available)
Multiple Post System:
  • Requires fewer foundations than other designs
  • Track lengths start at 60 feet and are virtually unlimited
  • Fall protection at virtually any height
  • Up to 100 feet between supports

Rigid Lifelines Post Suspension

Swing Arms

Compact System Minimizes Swing Fall Hazards

Rigid Lifelines® Swing Arm Anchor Track System provides a circular or semi-circular fall protection coverage area, making it ideal for small to medium-sized work areas.

Both the Swing Arm and its trolley follow the worker, keeping the trolley positioned directly above the user at all times—minimizing swing fall hazards.

When not in use, the Swing Arm can be swung back out of the way for overhead cranes. Standard fall protection spans range from 5 to 30 feet with 180-degree or 360-degree arm pivoting.

Rigid Lifelines Swing Arms


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