How to Determine Overhauling Weights

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How to Determine Overhauling Weights

To determine the weight of the block or overhaul ball that is required to free fall the block, the following information is needed:

  • Size of wire rope
  • Number of line parts
  • Type of sheave bearing
  • Length of crane boom
  • Drum Friction (nominally, 100 pounds)

Formula to Determine Block Weight:

Required Block Weight = Multiply Boom Length by Rope Weight Factor “A” and add Drum Friction then Multiply by Overhaul Factor “B”.

Factor A Wire Rope Weight

Factor B Overhaul Factors

For Example: Using 5 parts of 7/8" Wire Rope, 50 ft. Boom and Roller Bearing Sheaves, Required Weight = [(50 x 1.42) + 100] x 5.38 = 920 lbs.


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