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3-2 | Alloy Chain Sling ID Tag Requirements

When using a chain for overhead lifting, the user must make sure that the chain is composed of alloy steel as opposed to carbon steel, and that the sling has an identification tag.

If the chain sling doesn’t meet these requirements, the user must not use it for overhead lifting. Size for size, alloy chain has greater strength than carbon chain, and alloy is the only chain that manufacturers recommend for typical overhead lifting. If the chain is alloy, the sling identification tag will designate it as being alloy.

Per ASME B30.9 …

Each alloy chain sling shall be marked by the manufacturer to include:

  • Name or trademark of manufacturer
  • Grade
  • Nominal chain size
  • Number of legs
  • Rated load for the type of hitch(es) used and the angle upon which it is based
  • Length (Reach) of the sling
  • Individual sling identification (e.g., serial numbers)
Alloy Chain Sling ID Tag Requirements

If the tag is missing or illegible …

The inspector should remove the sling from service and send it to an authorized chain repair facility for current or updated certification, tagging, and testing.

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