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Safety Factor: The Dangers of Homemade Lifting Devices

Today, we are talking about the legal ramifications of building your own lifting devices and rigging equipment, and why ASME has specific standards in place for the creation of a below-the-hook device.

We are joined by a few lifting experts from Caldwell Lifting Solutions, one of the leading manufacturers of below-the-hook lifting solutions, as well as Mazzella‘s Kevin Brewer, Below-the-Hook Sales Specialist, to discuss why the devices you are currently using, if not made to very specific ASME standards, may put you at legal risk and open up your company to OSHA fines.

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In This Podcast:

0:00 – Intro

0:48 – What is considered a homemade below-the-hook lifting device?

1:23 – Can in-house engineers design lifting devices for your needs?

3:23 – What are the consequences of using a homemade below-the-hook lifting device?

4:27 – What are the ASME requirements for BTH lifting devices?

7:06 – Why would someone want to build their own lifting device?

8:09 – The importance of properly planning a lift

9:56 – Can a lifting device engineered in-house become certified?

11:02 – What is the process of creating a certified below-the-hook lifting device?

13:47 – How does insurance play a role in the creation of a lifting device?

14:43 – How does lifting training impact liability with an accident?

15:50 – What are the worst lifting devices you’ve seen in the field?

17:52 – Have your design built by a certified professional

20:34 – What if you don’t have the budget to replace all your homemade below-the-hook lifting devices?

22:39 – How does duty cycle affect a lifting device?

23:33 – How to contact Caldwell Lifting Solutions

24:04 – Learn more about below-the-hook lifting devices

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