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Safety Factor: How To Make Your Overhead Crane Safer

Welcome to the first episode of Safety Factor. This is a podcast where we are going to be talking a lot about how you can stay safe while you are doing your job, or how you can keep your employees safe while they do their jobs. In this first episode, we are talking about overhead cranes and how to create safer work zones with smart non-contact measurement solutions.

Today, we are joined by Steven Lubeck, President of Laser-View Technologies, Mark Shubel, Mazzella’s Director of Business and Training Development for Crane Service, and Kenny Wright, Mazzella’s Vice President of Process Cranes and Modernizations to discuss how smart non-contact measurement solutions can help create safer work zones when working with overhead cranes.

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Background Reading:

With modern technologies becoming more readily available and more affordable, the safety features available for overhead crane systems have never been better. Overhead Crane Safety Systems: Modern Features and Technologies.

The amount of engineering and fabrication to meet your specifications can determine whether a modular system or an engineered or process crane system is right for you. Overhead Cranes: Modular Cranes vs. Engineered Process Cranes.

Understanding the process and expectations of buying an overhead crane—from the first contact with an overhead crane manufacturer, through the consultation and quote processes, and all the way up to installation. Purchasing an Overhead Crane Process: From Consultation to Installation.

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In this podcast:

0:00 – Intro

1:00 – What are Smart Non-Contact Measurement Solutions?

1:44 – What does Laser-View Technologies do?

2:18 – Who is Mark Shubel?

2:46 – Who is Kenny Wright?

3:47 – What was crane safety like in the past?

6:00 – What is crane safety like today?

9:01 – What are the technical advances making cranes safer?

14:13 – What is the limit switch mentality?

19:28 – What are the hurdles in getting crane users to adapt to new technology?

21:09 – How can you overcome resistance to new technology?

24:25 – How to contact Steven Lubeck and Laser-View Technologies

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