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Safety Factor: Adapting to Wind Energy; The Evolution of the Lifting Industry

Explore the future of wind energy and the lifting industry: challenges and adaptations ahead. Hear from industry experts at The Crosby Group and Mazzella on how the lifting industry is evolving to meet the increasing demands of wind turbines. Learn about the challenges of moving turbines offshore in the US. Listen now!

The demand for wind energy is growing. The size of turbines is growing. Wind energy is forcing the lifting industry to evolve. So, how will the lifting industry adapt to the increasing size of these turbines? What challenges does the US face as they begin to move their turbines off-shore?

To shed some light on this industry and what the future has in store, we sat down with The Crosby Group’s Director of Business Development for Wind, Ken Milligan. As well as Mazzella’s National Account Manager for Specialty Ropes, Tyler Henley, and Specialty Ropes Service Manager, Jason Kuhlman.

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Ken Milligan, Director of Business Development for Wind at The Crosby Group.

Tyler Henley, National Account Manager for Specialty Ropes at Mazzella

Jason Kuhlman, Specialty Ropes Service Manager at Mazzella

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In this Podcast:

0:00 – Intro

0:48 – How has the demand for wind energy grown with the repower tax credit?

1:48 – How is the repower tax credit challenging the lifting industry?

3:26 – What does the near future hold for wind farms?

3:55 – How does the repower tax credit force innovation in the lifting industry?

5:28 – How is the wind industry affecting sales within the lifting and rigging industry?

6:53 – How does the wind industry affect training and inspections?

7:48 – What challenges to safety are presented by the wind industry?

10:06 – What challenges do off-shore wind farms pose for the industry?

11:15 – What innovations are spawning to overcome the obstacles within wind farm construction?

15:57 – Does the US have the infrastructure for offshore wind farms?

19:02 – What regulations will offshore wind face in the US?

19:54 – What predictions are there for future tax credits for wind?

21:33 – What does the future of the wind industry look like?

23:12 – How has renewable energy affected the lifting industry?

25:49 – Learn more about Crosby Wind Developments

26:09 – How to learn more

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