Are your shackles safe for use? Are you sure? When was the last time you had them inspected? I’m sure you would agree that what is most important to you is that you and your team stay safe when doing your job. But, knowing all the ASME inspection requirements and understanding when something is safe to use can be a challenge. Today we are going to break down the inspection requirements, service removal criteria, and best practices for use, for your shackles according to the ASME B30.26 rigging hardware standard.

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Which shackle should you be using? ►…

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In this video:

0:00 – Intro

1:27 – What is ASME B30.26?

1:57 – What are the pieces of a shackle?

2:03 – What are the shackle body identification requirements?

2:20 – What are the shackle pin identification requirements?

2:36 – What if I can’t read the shackle identification?

2:53 – What inspections must a shackle receive?

3:16 – Initial Inspection – What should you look for?

3:36 – Who can perform an initial inspection?

4:08 – Frequent Inspection

4:25 – Periodic Inspection

5:03 – What determines how often Periodic Inspections need to be performed for shackles?

5:31 – Shackle removal criteria

6:43 – How to inspect a shackle

9:07 – What are the top reasons shackles are pulled from service?

9:24 – What are the best practices when storing and using shackles?

10:57 – What are the best practices when rigging with shackles?

12:22 – How can you get help with ASME and OSHA compliance?

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