Safety Factor: How To Avoid OSHA Fines While Working at Height

In 2022, OSHA’s most frequently cited violation was the failure to meet General Fall Protection requirements. In fact, four of the top ten citations issued by OSHA were related to fall protection, encompassing citations regarding ladders, scaffolding, and fall protection training. Shockingly, nearly all of the largest OSHA fines handed out in 2022 were penalties for neglecting to comply with fall protection regulations, with one Ohio contractor receiving a hefty fine of over $1 million for fall protection violations.

To shed some light on the underlying psychology behind this trend and discuss ways to avoid these violations, we interviewed fall protection experts, Kevin Muldoon from Mazzella, and Dan Montchal from Tractel.

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In this Podcast:

0:00 – Intro

0:36 – OSHA Fines in 2022 for Fall Protection

1:36 – Why don’t companies prioritize fall protection?

2:30 – Why is education and training for fall protection necessary?

3:15 – Why do companies get multiple OSHA fines for failing to protect workers at height?

5:16 – Why the right fall protection equipment matters

6:38 – Who is responsible for worker safety? The worker or the company?

8:08 – Why is a JSA (Job Safety Analysis) important?

9:00 – Are companies and workers becoming more receptive to fall protection?

11:00 – How can you combat the mentality that fall protection isn’t important?

13:38 – What are the OSHA regulations for working at height?

13:58 – How important is a company’s safety culture?

16:29 – What are the consequences for not providing adequate fall protection?

18:18 – How can companies ensure they are providing the most effective fall protection?

21:38 – How can employees advocate for better fall protection?

24:08 – What is the most effective way to get companies to prioritize fall protection?

26:11 – How can you sell fall protection to stubborn companies?

28:24 – How has fall protection evolved?

33:26 – Why are fall protection equipment inspections important?

34:12 – How can you get help with fall protection?

36:00 – How to learn more about Tractel

36:34 – How to learn more about fall protection

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