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Can Mazzella Still Provide On-Site Visits and Lifting Consultations?

Can Mazzella still provide on-site visits and lifting consultations? The latest episode of Ask the Experts is live!

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Today on the Lifting & Rigging Channel, we welcome Nate Fisher, a Lifting Specialist for Mazzella working out of Northeast Ohio. He’s here to answer any questions about how we’re currently conducting on-site visits and lifting consultations during COVID-19.

In this video:

► Intro 0:00

► Can Mazzella’s Lifting Specialists provide on-site lifting and rigging consultation? 0:16

► Yes, Mazzella still makes on-site consultation visits. 0:26

► Mazzella adheres to all CDC Guidelines 0:33

► We also adhere to your personal business guidelines 0:35

► Contact Mazzella 0:43

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