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What is the No-Touch Electrode Handling System?

Steel mills can be extremely dangerous places to work. Workers face hazards such as extreme heat, deafening noise, heavy machinery, toxic chemicals, and crushing machines at every step of the production process. But one of the most severe hazards is handling electrodes, which can expose workers to electric shock, burns, explosions, and injuries resulting from maneuvering these massive columns.

In this video, we explore the No-Touch Electrode Handling System, a state-of-the-art technology that improves safety and efficiency in steel mills by keeping workers away from heavy electrodes and extreme temperatures. With precision engineering and a touchless solution, this system significantly reduces the risk of lost-time injuries and improves productivity on the floor.

We take a closer look at how this system works, from the upending table to the Vertical Automatic Addition Tong (VAAT) and Spinning Hydraulic Torque Device (SHTD). We also hear from experts and workers at North Star BlueScope Steel about the benefits of this technology for keeping employees safe.

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In this video:

00:00 – Introduction: What are the dangers of working in a steel mill?

00:28 – What are the hazards of handling electrodes?

01:27 – Introducing the No-Touch Electrode Handling System

02:14 – How does the No-Touch System work?

04:09 – What are the benefits of using the No-Touch System?

04:48 – How to learn more about the No-Touch Electrode Handling System

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