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When heavy equipment becomes stuck, mine productivity goes down. Recovering the vehicle can be a difficult and hazardous process. Traditional tow lines made from steel wire rope are heavy, inflexible, difficult to rig and recoil in dangerous patterns when they break.

Plasma® Vehicle Tow / Recovery Cables from Cortland replace wire rope. Plasma Cables are designed using high modulus synthetic fibers in a torque-free braided construction offering the same strength and elongation characteristics as wire with only 1/7th the weight. Quickly attached to both towing equipment and mired vehicles, Plasma Vehicle Tow / Recovery Cables can easily meet the toughest tests.

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Plasma® Vehicle Tow / Recovery Cables have been designed to provide the maximum combination of strength, flexibility, low elongation and durability.

To protect the Plasma fiber interior the entire cable body is encased in heavy duty high visibility protective jacketing. This extra-durable jacket provides protection during use from external abrasion, cutting and ingress of dirt into the Plasma fiber core. Each end termination is protected with the most durable lightweight chafe sleeve, SX Chafe Guard, and every cable delivered includes a tag providing the Minimum Break Load (MBL) and a unique serial number for traceability.

Features and Benefits:

  • Towing strength of steel wire rope without the weight
  • Lightweight flexibility for safe and faster installation rigging
  • Low lash-back or recoil if parted
  • Durable cut-resistant eye terminations
  • High visibility orange chafe guard on body


Choosing the correct size / strength cable

To determine the appropriate size cable for the application, consider two factors:

  • The pulling power of the recovery vehicle – either drawbar-pull for dozers, or rim-pull for trucks – this is more important that the dead-weight of the disabled machine
  • SWL (Safe Work Load) factor – Cortland recommends a minimum SWL of 2.3 or higher for vehicle tow or recovery

Correctly sized attachment hardware on both the disabled tow and recovery vehicle is also important.

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Custom sizes and lengths of Plasma Cables can be manufactured, if required.




CORTLAND COMPANY is an originator of synthetic fiber braiding manufacturing and possesses an understanding of the base properties of high-performance textiles. Combining the latest fiber technology, with extensive application experience, they manufacture custom braided rope, and rope lifting slings, for critical heavy lift applications. For almost 40 years, their custom-built solutions have been developed to work in the toughest environments and overcome some of the world’s greatest challenges.

Rope solutions include the market-leading Plasma®, Toro™, and other high-performance ropes. Lifting solutions include Plasma® fiber rope slings (eye-and-eye and grommet), Selantic® round slings, and Extender™ adjustable slings.

Cortland is a part of the Enerpac Tool Group (NYSE: EPAC), a diversified industrial company with operations in more than 30 countries.

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