Detroit Dynex Wire Rope Monorail Hoist

Detroit Dynex Wire Rope Hoist has 3 to 15 Ton Capacities

Detroit Hoist has engineered and manufactured wire rope hoists and crane components since 1905 in Michigan. Many of the nation’s leading companies were early customers of Detroit Hoist and still maintain that same relationship today.

Detroit Hoist is committed to providing our customers the highest quality, state-of-the-art hoists and crane components available in the market today.

Ongoing research and development continues to yield remarkable innovations and provide our customers with the correct product to safely and economically handle their loads.

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Detroit Dynex Wire Rope Hoist Features & Benefits:

  • True Vertical Lift
  • Mechanical Load Brake
  • Open Loop Vector Controls with Full Dynamic Braking
  • Dual Direct Drive Trolley Motors
  • NEMA 4 Enclosures
  • Hardened Wheels to 615 bhn
  • Continuous Overload Monitor
  • Continuous Over Speed Protection
  • Continuous Thermal Protection
  • Programmable Operational Upper and Lower Limits
  • Paddle Type Upper E-Stop

Options Available:

  • Pneumatic Motors
  • Most All Hazardous Location Classification
  • Spark Resistant Features
  • Closed Loop Control
  • Extended Flange Adjustment up to 26″ for Monobox Cranes
Call your local Lifting Specialist for product specifications.


We do repairs in-house and stock a full line of parts.
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