Eye and Eye Web Slings (Flat Eye or Twisted Eye)

Eye and eye web slings have eyes sewn into both ends of the sling. Eye and eye slings can be configured with either a flat eye or twisted eye on both ends. A flat eye can be used in a choker hitch, basket hitch, or vertical hitch, while a twisted eye sling has eyes that are twisted 90° to form a better choker hitch.

Edge Guard product offers superior cut resistance and abrasion resistance properties to extend the life of your sling. Edge Guard is available for an additional cost.


Nylon & Polyester* Web Slings: Heavy-Duty Webbing Flat Eye, Twisted Eye Specs

Tapering: Flat, Twisted Eye and Endless Slings are tapered at 3″ and wider unless specified differently when ordering.

* Please Note: Polyester webbing is not available over 10″ wide.


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