Phillystran Marine Rope – Aramid

Phillystran aramid fiber ropes jacketed with abrasion resistant, moisture-blocking extruded polymers are made to order for most shipboard applications.

Phillystran ropes provide the strength and low-stretch characteristics of steel with the lightweight, non-corrosive, and dielectric properties of fiber ropes.


  • Lifelines
  • Mast and antenna stays
  • Jackstaff and canopy-awning lines
  • Boat gripes, preventer stays, and spanwires
  • Mooring lines
  • Tow lines and winch lines
  • Lashing ropes and rigging lines
  • Boat davit preventer stays
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The U.S. Navy has approved Phillystran rope for use in lifelines and boat davit preventer stays. Some of the advantages of replacing steel cables for these applications are:

  • Inter-modulation interference (IMI) is eliminated
  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is eliminated
  • Received and transmitted signal patterns are improved
  • Expensive maintenance such as painting, greasing, and de-icing is eliminated
  • Useful life is dramatically increased when corrosion due to sea water and stack gases is eliminated
  • Safety concerns due to metal “fish hook” injuries and corrosion-weakened steel wire ropes are eliminated


Marine Rope - Aramid Specs 1

NAVSEA approved Kevlar® lifeline system, drawing #804-5959308 / NAVSEA approved boat davit preventer assembly, drawing #803-5184124


Marine Rope - Aramid Specs 2

Weights and Dimensions can vary / Kevlar® is a Registered Trademark of DuPont


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