Shaw-Box World Series Monorail Hoist

1 to 15 Ton Capacities with 20 to 40-Foot Standard Lifts

Shaw-Box World Series monorail wire rope hoists are built for the world market and combine more than 130 years of experience with the latest in manufacturing and materials technology, rigid design standards and the best quality components available to create a feature-filled, rugged, easily maintained hoist line.

All Shaw-Box World Series hoists are metric capacity rated, low head-room, heavy-duty, built to meet and exceed either FEM 2m or 3m duty (similar to ASME H4 or H4+ duty) providing long life in heavy applications with the higher lifting speeds and precise positioning control demanded by industry worldwide.

Bearing mounted trunnion hook rotates 360˚ and swings back and forth 180° for easier load adjustment.

Ultra-Low headroom design—as low as 16″ from wheel tread to saddle of hook.

Top Running Series available. Our entire series of Shaw-Box World SeriesTM Monorail hoists are available in top-running versions, from 5 to 25 ton capacities.



Features & Benefits:World SeriesTM Monorail Hoist (Shaw-Box)

  • Rope drum deep-grooved with heavy-duty rope guide as standard.
  • Heavy-duty DC disc brake rated at 200% torque, provides quick, positive stops and load holding.
  • Motors designed and manufactured specifically for hoisting service.
  • Steel compound tread wheels for long life and use on either wide-flange or “S” beams. One wheel on each side of trolley driven for positive tracking.
  • All controls housed in a NEMA 4/12 enclosure with easily accessible electrical components.
  • Triple reduction hoist gearing in an oil tight gear case.
  • Heavy steel frame provides a solid foundation and positive alignment of key components.
  • Low headroom design assures maximum hook travel.
  • Trolley is easily adjustable to handle a wide range of beam flange widths.
  • Upper / lower geared limit switch is standard for regulated load travel.
  • Two-speed hoist and trolley control for smooth acceleration and precise load positioning.



We do repairs in-house and stock a full line of parts.
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