Union Rope Flex-X® 6 Wire Ropes

Flex-X delivers extra value when you need high strength in a rotation-resistant wire rope. Its rotation-resistant construction provides a smooth, extremely compact wire rope with more steel in the cross-section than conventional ropes.

  • Superior performance 6-strand rope
  • Increased service life
  • Less sheave and drum wear

Less sheave and drum wear Flex-X 6 users receive superior performance and increased service life in many applications compared to the ropes they had previously employed. When compared to conventional six strand ropes, Flex-X 6 ropes provide greater surface area and more steel per given diameter. This increases rope stability and strength. This results in a longer service life and less sheave and drum wear.

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Flex-X® vs. Standard Rope of Similar Construction:

Flex-X designs reduce drum scrubbing between the lead line and the previous wrap. The smooth contact creates less interference, less metal loss and wire deformation. The increased surface area of Flex-X can be seen in the comparison of the contact points of a standard 6 x 26WS and Flex-X as shown.

Flex-X 19 Rotation Resistant Wire Rope: Chart 1

* These strengths apply only when a test is conducted with both ends fixed.
When in use, the strengths of these ropes may be significantly reduced if one end is free to rotate.


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