What Are the Best Crane Service Shops in Knoxville, Tennessee?

How Can You Get the Best Crane Service in Knoxville, Tennessee?

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Knoxville, Tennessee is the seat of Knox County, and has many types of industries that have specific lifting and rigging needs to operate successfully.

Originally settled in 1786 and incorporated in 1815, Knoxville is defined as a “unique mix of natural beauty, outdoor adventure and cultural attractions.” At its core, the East Tennessee city has become a hub for many types of manufacturing.

Some of the industries that have settled in the Knoxville area include:

  • Automotive suppliers
  • General industry
  • Steel services
  • Fabrication
  • Manufacturing
    • Food and beverage
    • Electronics
    • Machinery
    • Metals
    • Minerals
    • Transportation equipment

Many of the largest businesses in the world have invested in facilities in Knoxville, including, but not limited to:

  • Coca Cola
  • PepsiCo
  • Alcoa
  • 3M
  • Nike
  • Whirlpool
  • GE (General Electric)
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Johnson Controls
  • Kimberly-Clark

Each one of these businesses has unique needs to produce its goods and services, and that includes everything from warehouse racking to rigging and lifting equipment like hardware, slings, hoists, and overhead cranes.

When we quote crane service and supplies for our customers in Knoxville, Tennessee, they often ask us: “If we don’t go with Mazzella, who else would you recommend?”

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best crane service shops that serve the greater Knoxville, Tennessee area. We truly believe the more informed you are during the purchasing process, the better you’ll understand how to address the needs of your business and get the best bang for your buck.

Best Crane Service Shops in Knoxville, Tennessee

Indoor Overhead Bridge Crane Hoist Service Completed by Technicians

Kone Cranes

Founded: 1910

U.S. Headquarters: Springfield, Ohio (World Headquarters is in Hyvinkää, Finland)

Insights: Founded to build large-scale electric overhead cranes, Kone has continued to grow through expansion into international markets with the acquisitions of companies in Norway, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Sweden, China and Japan, among others. Along with industrial cranes, they provide goods and services to the automotive, container handling, general manufacturing, metals production, mining, nuclear, paper and forest, energy, shipyards, and waste-to-energy and biomass industries.

Additional Products and Services:

  • Workstation lifting systems
  • Overhead cranes
  • Hazardous environment cranes and hoists
  • Warehouse automation
  • Crane inspections
  • Crane preventative maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance and retrofits
  • Consultation services
  • Modernization services
  • Crane parts
  • Container handling equipment
  • Mobile harbor cranes
  • Lift trucks
  • Shipyard handling equipment
  • Bulk handling equipment
  • Operational software and services
  • Port services

Mazzella / ITI Rigging Gear Inspection Reference Guide

Crane 1

Overhead Crane Service on Workstation Crane with Festooning

Founded: 2007

U.S. Headquarters: Miamisburg, Ohio

Insights: Crane 1 prides itself on delivering to customers the highest valued services and quality products in the overhead material handling markets. The five core values — being accountable, safety conscious, positive collaborative problem solvers, humility and passionate customer service — guide their business practices.

Additional Products and Services:

  • Hoist parts
  • Crane parts
  • Rigging products
    • Hooks
    • Shackles
    • Nylon web slings
  • Controls
    • Pendant stations
    • Hoist controls
    • Festoon components
    • Radio controls
  • Cranes
    • Gantry cranes
    • Jib workstation cranes
  • Hoists
    • Electric chain
    • Air chain
    • Hand chain
    • Lever
    • Air
    • Electric wire rope
  • Components
    • Hoist trolleys
    • Beam clamps
    • Lifting tongs
  • Safety inspections
  • Overhead crane repair services
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Asset management
  • Below-the-hook lifter refurbishment
  • Below-the-hook devices
  • Crane and hoist operator training
  • Customer assessments
  • Crane and hoist structures (including runways)
  • Electrical productions
  • Crane modernizations and upgrades

Hoist & Crane Service Group

Founded: 1976

U.S. Headquarters: Jefferson, Louisiana

Insights: Founded by brothers Patrick and Terrance Ross, Hoist & Crane Service Group has grown into a national company that has serviced thousands of pieces of equipment. Its mission has focused on service rather than manufacturing products. Hoist & Crane Service Group serves the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, military, petrochemicals, power, primary metals, pulp, paper and offshore industries.

Additional Products and Services: 

  • Inspections
  • Data management
  • Crane upgrades and modernizations
  • Maintenance
  • Load testing
  • Technical training programs
  • Industrial elevators

Ace Industries

Crane Service Technician Works to Install New Crane Electrification

Founded: 1932

U.S. Headquarters: Norcross, Georgia

Insights: Ace Industries is a family-owned overhead crane & hoist company that provides coast-to-coast service. Ace has a focus on excellent customer service, and aims to make your experience easy and efficient. It is focused on overhead crane and hoist distribution, manufacturing, and service.

Additional Products and Services:

  • Hoists
    • Electric chain
    • Hand chain
    • Lever (Come Alongs)
    • Air chain
    • Wire rope
    • Construction
    • Chain container kits
  • Hoist parts for the following manufacturers:
    • Budgit
    • Columbus McKinnon (CM)
    • Coffing
    • Harrington
    • Detroit Hoist
    • Little Mule
    • Shaw-Box
    • Yale
    • R & M
  • Crane electrification
  • Chain and rope
    • Bulk chain
    • Chain by foot
    • Bulk wire
    • Wire by foot
    • Accessories
  • Rigging
    • Shackles
    • Hooks
    • Tongs
    • Turnbuckles
    • Lifting clamps
    • Hoist rings
  • Slings
    • Web slings
    • Synthetic roundslings
    • Chain slings
    • Wire rope slings
    • Ratchet binders and tie downs
  • Crane kits and end trucks
  • Cranes
    • Gantry cranes
    • Jib cranes
    • Davit cranes
    • Winches
  • Trolleys
    • Plain trolleys
    • Geared trolleys
    • Lifting beam clamps
    • Tractor drives
    • Motorized trolleys
  • Beam clamps
  • Lifting and spreader beams
  • Stainless steel
    • Chain
    • Shackles
    • Wire rope
    • Clips
    • Thimbles
    • Turnbuckles
    • Hooks
    • Blocks
    • Links
    • Rings
    • Threaded products
  • Fall protection
    • Harnesses
    • Lanyards
    • Fall protection kits
    • Monorail systems
    • Retractables
    • Swing arm systems
    • Fall-rated hardware
    • Rebar assemblies
    • Carrying cases and accessories
  • Load measurement
    • Load indicator
    • Electronic load limiter
    • Tension meter
  • Safety guardrails
  • Field service
  • Inspections
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Crane installation and modernizations
  • Factory authorized repairs

Patriot Crane & Hoist

Founded: 2003

U.S. Headquarters: Suwanee, Georgia

Insights: Opened with just one technician, Patriot Crane & Hoist now has more than three dozen technicians serving manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Organic grown has allowed Patriot Crane & Hoist to serve their customers in five states throughout the Southeast United States.

Additional Products and Services:

  • Overhead crane inspection
  • Overhead crane maintenance
  • Crane modernizations
  • Overhead crane sales

How Can Mazzella Help with Your Service and Rigging Needs?

Mazzella Wire Rope Inventory and Inspection Services

Starting the Process

Now that you have a better understanding of the best crane service suppliers in the Knoxville, Tennessee area, it’s time to do your research and begin the process of gathering and comparing quotes. It is best to schedule consultations with a few manufacturers to look at your facility and provide their expert opinion on the specifications and scope of your project.

Keep in mind that price should never be the only factor when selecting a lifting and rigging equipment supplier to partner with. Everything from a shackle to a sling and hoist should improve your business’ efficiency and production. You should only partner with a company that you truly feel comfortable with and one that you feel will provide the best service and the most value.

The key to finding the right company to partner with—and to a great buying experience—depends on a number of different factors, including:

  • Project specifications – Make sure each manufacturer quotes off of the same information and specifications so that you can make a true side-by-side comparison of each company’s capabilities and pricing.
  • Warranty – Make sure you have a clear understanding of the manufacturer’s warranty policies on workmanship, components, and materials.
  • Incidentals – Additional surcharges related to material costs, taxes, freight, obtaining permits, rental of special equipment, etc.
  • Follow-up – Did a representative from the company reach out to explain their quote and make sure you understand everything?
  • Project timeline – Has the rigging supplier committed to meeting your specific timeframe and window for installation?
  • References – Are they willing to provide references? Ask other companies that they’ve worked with if they were satisfied with the following:
    • Overall relationship with the rigging supplier
    • Overall quality of work and satisfaction with the delivery process
    • Commitment to keeping projects on track and within budget
    • Products and services that fit the agreed-upon specifications

Overhead Crane Inspections and Service

Buying an overhead crane comes with one cost, but keeping it in operational condition comes with another.

Throughout its lifespan, your overhead cranes will need to be inspected. According to ASME B30.2 Overhead and Gantry Cranes, there are five types of inspections required for overhead cranes:

  • Initial
  • Periodic
  • Frequent
  • Cranes not in regular use
  • Functional

Like the initial inspection, a periodic inspection is a visual and audible examination of the crane, and these are the requirements as listed in ASME B30.2:

  • Equipment shall be inspected at intervals dependent on the use of the equipment as follows:
    • Normal service — yearly
    • Heavy service — yearly
    • Severe service — quarterly

Rigging Inspection Services

OSHA 1910.184, ASME B30.9 Slings, ASME B30.20 Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices, ASME B30.26 Rigging Hardware & ANSI Z359 require…

Periodic, documented inspections on slings, rigging hardware, lifting devices, and fall protection every 12 months, at minimum, and monthly to quarterly in more severe service conditions.

Our rigging inspectors are certified to make sure your products meet OSHA and ASME requirements. Also, we provide personal fall protection inspections and basic level non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections to support our visual inspections.

Vast Inventory

In addition to our service offerings, Mazzella has you covered when it comes to all of your lifting and rigging needs. Mazzella has representatives in the Knoxville area. They are supported by our Chattanooga branch, as well as our Memphis Distribution Center, which has an in-by-2 p.m.-out-same-day policy on standard items. With our ready stock inventory, we offer all industries a variety of lifting and rigging devices, including a complete selection of:

  • Wire rope
  • Lifting slings
  • Rigging hardware
  • Hoists
  • Fall protection

Whether you’re an existing customer or a new customer, Mazzella also provides the following value-added and post-sale services:

As a one-stop shop for your lifting and rigging needs, Mazzella has a diverse range of products and services that can help you execute safe lifts.


Mazzella Assorted Available Hardware Options

We offer one of the largest and most complete inventories of rigging and lifting products in the country from some of the largest manufacturers in the world. Some of the products we stock are:

Rigging Training

If you require a specific training course for OSHA compliance for slings, hoists and / or rigging hardware, Mazzella can assist you in creating a safe and reliable workplace.

Our rigging training focuses on:

  • Overhead cranes
  • Below-the-hook lifters
  • Lifting slings
  • Rigging hardware
  • Wire rope

All Mazzella trainers have been accredited by our company through training by a third-party training company (Industrial Training International, Inc.), Mazzella Companies’ internal Train-the-Trainer program, and are trained on OSHA and ASME standards.

Also, we provide site assessments. The purpose of an assessment is to systematically observe and record your lifting and rigging procedures, equipment, and records. This is not an inspection, rather a general assessment by which opportunities for improvement may be identified.

Call us at 800.362.4601, or click here, if you need inspections for rigging hardware, training, or any of our other services.

Mazzella / ITI Rigging Gear Inspection Reference Guide
Mazzella Products
How Can Mazzella Help With Your Lifting & Rigging Needs?

Lifting and Rigging

The Mazzella name is synonymous with quality slings. Mazzella’s quality slings include chain, wire rope, nylon, polyester, cordage, and high-performance synthetic slings.

We also provide wire rope assemblies—both large and small. We manufacture bridge cables, crane cables, steel mill cables and thousands of OEM assemblies.

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