Welcome back to Safety Factor. In this episode, we are talking about overhead cranes and smart, non-contact measurement solutions. Non-contact measurement solutions, like side-pull detection, no-fly zones, and sway reduction, can make your overhead crane more efficient.

Today, we are joined again by Steven Lubeck, President of Laser-View Technologies, a provider of non-contact measurement sensors and systems for industry, and Mazzella Companies’ Mark Shubel, Director of Business and Training Development for Crane Service, to discuss how smart non-contact measurement solutions can help make overhead cranes more efficient.

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In this Podcast:

0:00 – Intro

0:46 – What effects can the different types of smart, non-contact measurement solutions have on productivity?

3:30 – How can no-fly zones improve productivity?

4:47 – How can side-pull detection improve productivity?

8:10 – How are sway and side pull different?

9:53 – How can sway control improve productivity?

11:13 – Why is a true vertical lift so important?

12:09 – How can you fix sway without non-contact measurement solutions?

13:14 – How does Active (Dynamic) Sway Control work?

15:03 – What are the cons of Active Sway Control?

16:36 – How does Passive Sway Control work?

18:36 – What are different ways to reduce sway?

19:58 – How does sway reduction help minimize maintenance costs?

21:12 – What are the cons of Passive Sway Control?

21:47 – How does a combination of solutions increase efficiency?

22:37 – What industries use non-contact measurement solutions?

29:30 – How do smart measurement solutions make crane operators more competent?

32:10 – Learn more about smart, non-contact measurement solutions

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