When it comes to lifting clamps, there are plenty of options. However, when choosing a clamp, how do you know you’re picking the correct one for your lifting applications?

To answer this question properly, we took a trip out to Rockford, Illinois, Caldwell Lifting Solutions headquarters, to chat with engineering manager Dale Kelly to find out what you need to know before choosing a clamp.

Caldwell Lifting Solutions


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In this video:

0:00 – Intro

0:42 – Lifting is M.A.J.E.C.

1:11 – What do you need to know when choosing a lifting clamp?

1:31 – How does the metal affect your lifting clamp selection?

2:41 – How will your plate be moved by your lifting clamp?

5:12 – What size jaw opening does your lifting clamp need?

5:49 – How does the environment affect your lifting clamp?

7:00 – How do you confirm you’ve selected the correct lifting clamp?

8:40 – When should you avoid using a lifting clamp?

8:54 – Where can you use clamps for overhead lifts?

9:20 – Get more information

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