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Crane & Hoist Manufacturing

Mazzella Piedmont has become one of the nation’s fastest growing overhead crane companies by developing partnerships and providing custom, cost-effective solutions for a variety of industries. This group includes aviation, foundries, steel distribution, power, heavy manufacturing, military facilities, defense contracting, and general industry. Our capabilities include pre-engineered and custom engineered overhead crane systems, as well as custom and pre-engineered hoists. CMAA membership assures that all cranes are designed to industry specifications and classifications. Mazzella Piedmont is focused on providing the highest quality crane purchasing experience from design through installation and service after the sale.

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New Equipment Installation

Experience, supervision, training, and the right equipment are the cornerstones of every successful installation. Mazzella Piedmont is proud of its reputation for on-time and on-budget projects that perform as expected from the beginning. We supplement our technicians with skilled tradesmen from leading millwright sub-contractors throughout your region and back up these teams with experienced project managers.

Mazzella Piedmont New Equipment Install

Crane Upgrades and Modernizations

One of our specialties is the modernization and upgrade of overhead cranes. Overhead crane investments can be extended and made more productive with new, more efficient hoists and drives, updates to electrification systems or drive control packages, including state-of-the-art variable frequency control. Upgraded electrical systems and new components will function better and, in turn, minimize future downtime. Whether it’s new speed and motion controls or cab to pendent conversions, we can modernize your system for a fraction of the cost of a new system.

We can service any make or model crane. We pride ourselves on fast, quality service 24 hours a day. We comply with all OSHA and CMAA standards.

Mazzella Piedmont Crane Upgrades & Modernizations

Older cranes can be improved to a higher level of productivity and safety by one of our modernization upgrade and refurbishment programs. Our modernization services include:

  • Increased capacity
  • New speed and motion controls
  • Cab to pendant conversions
  • Radio and infrared remote controls
  • Electrification systems
  • Major mechanical components

Additional Products & Services:

» Overhead Cranes
» Hoists / Parts
» Overhead Crane & Hoist Service
» Engineered Products
» Slings & Assemblies
» Rigging Hardware
» Lifting Products
» Wire Rope
» Cordage Products
» Rigging Training
» Rigging Inspection Services
» Fall Protection Products

Mazzella Companies Acquires Piedmont Hoist & Crane!

CLEVELAND, OH – Mazzella Companies is pleased to announce the acquisition of Piedmont Hoist & Crane based out of Winston-Salem, NC. This acquisition positions Mazzella as one of the preeminent manufacturers of overhead cranes and lifting equipment in North America. The addition of Piedmont’s engineering, manufacturing, and technical expertise allows Mazzella to provide the highest quality crane buying experience, from design, fabrication, and installation, to after-sale service and support.

Starting in 1993, Piedmont Hoist & Crane has grown from a small service company offering inspections and repairs, into a crane manufacturing company that offers pre-engineered crane systems, as well as specialized process equipment for the most demanding of environments. Piedmont enhances its offerings with advanced engineering and manufacturing capabilities, including the design and construction of both pre-engineered and custom-engineered hoists, along with rotating and fixed-axle end trucks. Additionally, Piedmont provides specialized services such as crane installations and system modernizations. Effective immediately, Piedmont Hoist & Crane will operate as Mazzella Piedmont.

“We are thrilled about this acquisition and what it means for our dedicated team members. Keeping our employees together and joining a privately held organization allows us to preserve our strong culture. This also provides us with the opportunity to expand our team and our capabilities. The cultural fit between Piedmont and Mazzella is exceptional, and we are excited about the synergies that will come from this union. Together, we will continue to grow our business as we strive to become the market leader in crane equipment manufacturing,” says Rich Burns, President / CEO of Piedmont Hoist & Crane.

“We are excited to welcome the talented team at Piedmont Hoist & Crane to our organization. This acquisition unites two industry leaders, combining our individual strengths and expertise to significantly enhance our engineering excellence. Our aligned cultures and capabilities will drive synergies that enhance our services and deliver even greater value to our customers. By integrating our systems, quality, and innovative processes, we will set new standards in overhead crane engineering, design, manufacturing, and service. Together, we are poised to deliver the best solutions and support in the industry, ensuring our customers benefit from unmatched innovation and equipment reliability,” says Matt Mazzella, President of Mazzella.

Questions? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About This Change!

We’ve changed our name from Piedmont Hoist & Crane to Mazzella. Aside from the new name and logo, our member experience is virtually unchanged. Here are some common questions and answers related to this change.

When did Piedmont Hoist & Crane become a Mazzella Company?

In 2024, Piedmont Hoist & Crane was acquired by Mazzella Companies to position Mazzella as one of the preeminent manufacturers of overhead cranes, hoists, and lifting equipment in North America.

With our customers in mind, Mazzella Companies has decided to consolidate all of the overhead crane and hoist brands under one name, “Mazzella”.

Who is Mazzella Companies?

In 1954, James Mazzella founded Mazzella Wire Rope & Sling Co. in Cleveland, OH. For over 70 years, the company has grown organically by nurturing historic relationships, expanding its product offerings, and entering new markets through acquisition.

Today, Mazzella Companies is one of the largest privately held companies in the lifting and rigging industries. Since our humble beginnings, we’ve grown to over 1,500 employees with over 50 locations across North America. Our product offerings have expanded from basic rigging products, to include:

  • Overhead crane and hoist design and fabrication
  • Overhead crane and hoist service and repair
  • Engineered lifting devices
  • High-performance crane ropes
  • Lifting and rigging training
  • OSHA mandated inspections
  • Fall protection solutions
  • Sheet and coil for metal roof systems
  • Metal rollforming machinery

One thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to a no-excuses, customer-first mentality that extends from the shop floor to the front office. Some of the major markets Mazzella serves are: Mining, Steel, Oil & Gas, Construction, Energy, Shipbuilding, Vehicle and Durable Goods. Mazzella’s diverse portfolio includes Sheffield Metals a manufacturer and distributor of coated bare metal products for engineered metal roof and wall systems. New Tech Machinery is a manufacturer of portable roof panel and gutter machines—recognized as the world’s finest portable rollformers.

What has changed?

Just the name. We want to be clear that our people, locations, products, and services have not changed. We will be moving to the Mazzella name for all rigging brands under the Mazzella Companies umbrella in order to create a better experience for our customers and employees.

How does this affect me as a customer?

With all the Mazzella rigging locations working as one team and under one name, your level of service and support will be improved exponentially. Nothing will change in terms of the local team you’re used to working with. The same people will still be here—the only thing that will be changing will be the name of the organization they work for. You now have more resources, inventory, and clearer lines of communication. Our goal is to improve your experience and instill confidence and comfort in every interaction.

Why did the name change?

Mazzella is experiencing rapid growth. With this growth, we can better serve our customers as one team under the Mazzella name, versus many companies operating independently. The only change you will experience will be better service and improved lines of communication between our people and yours.

Can I order the same products?

Yes. We will still offer all the same products and services. Mazzella will always be your one source for lifting and rigging products.

Will I still have the same level of service?

For sure! We hope to expand our service line across the entire United States. With over 30 locations, your level of service should only be improved and lines of communication more clear.

Do I have to do anything?

No. Aside from the name change, it is business as usual!



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