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Progressive Crane Engineered Products

We have more than 50 years of field application experience and in-house manufacturing. This has earned us the reputation as a leader in the design and development of custom engineered below-the-hook lifting devices and lifting attachments for use with all types of cranes.

Our participation on the ASME B30.20 Subcommittee (that governs manufacturing, inspection, marking, testing, maintenance and operation of the below-the-hook lifting devices) sets us apart from our competition. On-staff engineering and our commitment to ISO 9001: 2008 guides us to continued success in quality products and processes.

Our products range from a common lift beam to an engineered special 150 lbs. engine line lifter to a 330 ton electric furnace lifter.

Repairs, Inspections & Recertification of Below-The-Hook Lifting Devices

We offer complete, in-house inspections and repairs of below-the-hook lifting devices. Certified Inspectors, along with our Engineering Department, perform detailed analysis. Repaired or rebuilt units provide significant cost savings. We also can provide FEA (Finite Element Analysis) reports and reverse engineering options on customers' lifting devices. Customers can send in a unit, enabling Engineering to measure and model the unit in SolidWorks and run FEA analysis that determines the safe working load.

Design Sheets:

Mazzella Design Sheets

» J-Hooks

» Plate Hooks

» S-Hooks

» Stirrup Hooks

» Fixed Hook Beam

» Spreader Type Beam

» Adjustable Hook Beam

» Low Headroom Beam

» Basket Beam

» Pallet Lifter

» Coil Lifter

» Pressure Style Lifting Tong

» Adjustable Style Lifting Tong

» Supporting Style Lifting Tong

» Die Horse

» Learn More About Our Engineered Products!

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