Wire Rope Products & Assemblies

We stock well over 2,000,000 feet of wire rope in our various locations ... ready for immediate delivery! We provide wire rope assemblies, and manufacture bridge cables, crane cables, steel mill cables, and thousands of OEM assemblies. We can also manufacture assemblies with standard or custom end fittings. Special testing and tolerance requirements are also available.

Wire Rope & Assemblies Section (PDF)

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Wire Rope Product Design:

» Wire Rope Is A Machine

» The Parts List Of A Wire Rope Machine

» Determining Classification of a Rope

» Standard 6x19 & 6x36 Classification Ropes

» Seven Primary Features For Consideration In Wire Rope Selection

» Identification & Construction

» Lang Lay Ropes

» How To Unreel, Uncoil & Store Wire Rope

» Winding Wire Rope

» Using The Right Drum Reduces Wear On Ropes

» Sheave Design Is Critical To Wire Rope Service Life

» How Sheave Size Affects Wire Rope Strength

» How To Determine Overhauling Weights

» Wire Rope Technical Information


» Wire Rope Inspection

» Inspection of Boom Hoist Ropes on Mobile Cranes

» Guide To Examination

» Inspection Of Sheaves & Drums

» Wire Rope Troubleshooting Guide

Products Safety & Warning:

» Wire Rope Product Safety

» Wire Rope Technical Board Warning

Product Detail:

» General Purpose Wire Ropes 6x7 Classification

» Aircraft Cable & Strand – 7x7, 7x19 & 1x19

» Standard 6x19 & 6x36 Classification Ropes

» Standard & High-Performance Wire Ropes For Crane Applications

» High-Performance Wire Ropes

» Endurance Dyform® 6/6PI

» Constructex®

» Tiger® Blue—Plastic Filled Rope

» Endurance Dyform® 18/18PI

» Endurance Dyform® 34LR/PI/Max

» Tower Crane Ropes

» Mobile Lattice Boom Crane Ropes

» Evolution TK 17 Crane Ropes

» Oilfield Wire Ropes

» Rotation-Resistant Ropes: 8x19 Classification

» Rotation-Resistant Ropes: 19x7 Classification

» Rotation-Resistant Ropes: Super Flex PAC 19

» Rotation-Resistant Ropes: Super Flex PAC 35

» Specialized Wire Ropes: 6-PAC

» Specialized Wire Ropes: Super-PAC

» Specialized Wire Ropes: 8-PAC

» Specialized Wire Ropes: Triple-PAC

» Specialized Wire Ropes: Flattened Strand

» BXL—Plastic-Infused Wire Ropes

» Oilfield & Natural Gas Drilling Products

» Flex-X® 19 & Flex-X® 6

» PFV® & Tuf-Kote®

» Starlift Plus, Eurolift & Turboplast

» Mobile Crane Ropes

» Overhead Crane Ropes

» Galvanized Steel Strand

» Structural Wire Products

Related Products:

» Wire Rope Lubricant

» Kellems® Wire Management Products: Pulling / Splicing Grips

» Pulling Grips (Klein Tools)

Wire Rope Assemblies & End Fittings:

» Wire Rope Assemblies

» Steel Swage Buttons

» Wedge Type-Ferrules

» Terminal Efficiencies

» Boom Pendant Inspection

» Boom Pendant Thimbles

» Spelter Socket Assemblies (Boom Pendants)

» Open & Closed Spelter Sockets

» Swaged Socket Assemblies (Boom Pendants)

» Open & Closed Swage Sockets

» Forged Wire Rope Clips

» Forged Wire Rope Clip Application Instructions

» Fist Grip® Wire Rope Clips

» Fist Grip® Wire Rope Clip Application Instructions

» S-421T Wedge Socket

» S-423T Super Terminator® Wedge Socket

» Threaded Sleeve

» Threaded Stud

» Wire Rope Terminals

» Copper Oval & Copper Stop Sleeves

» Nickel Plated Copper Oval Sleeves

» Stainless Steel Oval Sleeves

» Aluminum Oval Sleeves

» Cutter Tools

» Wire Rope Cutters

» Precision Cable Cutters

» Movable Bridge Cable Assemblies

» Security, Barrier & Guardrail Cable Assemblies & Fittings

Wire Rope & Assemblies Product Cautions / Warnings:

» Wire Rope & Assemblies Product Warnings / Cautions

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Wire Rope, Wire Rope Assemblies & End Fittings

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