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Safety Factor: How To Start An In-House Safety Program

Welcome back to Safety Factor. In this episode, we are talking about workplace safety programs. How to start a workplace safety program, how you can improve yours, and how you can be a better safety coordinator.

Today, we’re joined by Mazzella Companies’ Kevin Paul, Director of Safety, and Alana Cohen, Safety Coordinator, to discuss how they got their start in the world of safety, how they helped develop Mazzella’s safety program, and what wisdom they’ve learned along the way so you can better start your workplace safety program.

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In this Podcast:

0:00 – Intro

0:46 – How do you get started as a safety coordinator?

3:55 – Why do you need an in-house safety program?

4:32 – How do you start a safety program in a family owned buisness?

5:56 – How do you grow a safety program alongside your buisness?

7:48 – How do you deal with pushback against safety regulations?

8:56 – What are the requirements for a safety program?

9:33 – Why is in-house training so beneficial?

10:35 – How can a company start their in-house safety program?

12:39 – Can Mazzella help you start your safety program?

13:27 – How does a safety program grow and develop?

14:39 – Why does safety need to be a core value?

15:41 – How can you build your in-house safety program?

18:09 – How do you win over the employees out in the field?

21:14 – How do you get other leaders involved in your safety program?

23:36 – What advice do you have for others who are starting their safety program?

Disclaimer: Any advice, graphics, images, and/or information contained herein are presented for general educational and information purposes and to increase overall safety awareness. It is not intended to be legal, medical, or other expert advice or services, and should not be used in place of consultation with appropriate industry professionals. The information herein should not be considered exhaustive and the user should seek the advice of appropriate professionals.