Duty Cycle / CMAA Service Classification of an Overhead Crane

What’s the difference between the duty cycle and CMAA service class? In this video, we’re covering the duty cycle / CMAA service classification of an overhead crane.

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This is just the third section of an entire course dedicated to overhead cranes from our Cranes 101 course, which focuses on information that you should know if you own, or are considering buying, an overhead crane system.

In this video we cover:
► What should you consider before buying an overhead crane system? 0:30
► Who needs to figure out the percentages of capacity and lifts per hour? 0:58
► Do the duty cycle and CMAA service classification determine its price? 1:19
► What if I design a crane with the wrong service classification? 2:02

Breaking down the service classifications:
► Overhead crane service class A 2:24
► Overhead crane service class B 2:50
► Overhead crane service class C 3:04
► Overhead crane service class D 3:22
► Overhead crane service class E 3:48
► Overhead crane service class F 4:11
► How do components differ between service classes? 4:43

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