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Explosion Proof Air Hoists For Spark-Resistance

An air hoist excels in places where safety is paramount. Unlike electricity, compressed air does not generate sparks, making an air hoist the choice in hazardous areas. Air passes through the system and cools the hoist as it operates, so air hoists can run continuously without rest or risk of overheating—unlike an electric hoist system. Air hoists offer rugged construction, minimum headroom, low maintenance, are impervious to dust and humidity, and provide variable speed control.

FHS Air Hoists

Pneumatic Air Hoists

Air hoists are ideal for industrial and heavy-duty production environments and perform exceptionally well in high-speed and heavy-usage environments with constant start and stop. They have a high lifting capacity (up to 100 tons) and are unaffected by high-heat environments. Air hoists are frequently used in explosion proof environments and can be configured to be spark-resistant using brass or stainless components.

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