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The BlokCam Mobile Crane Camera System Boosts On-Site Safety

Operating cranes in congested areas or with obscured views poses immense safety risks on construction sites. That’s why high quality, purpose-built hook mounted crane camera systems like the BlokCam mobile crane camera are proving invaluable for crane safety.

In this new product video, we see how BlokCam gives operators a direct line-of-sight below the hook to improve lifting precision and prevent accidents.

BlokCam Provides a Live View Below the Hook

  • Real-time video and audio from rigging crews below
  • HD 1080p resolution
  • Attaches securely to crane block with high powered neodymium magnets
  • Boosts efficiency up to 39% on blind lifts
  • Lithium-ion battery for extended runtime

Withstands Tough Construction Conditions

  • Durable construction withstands debris and weather
  • All-weather design, manufactured to IP67 rating
  • 5 GHz wireless signal
  • Safety lanyard provides secondary security tethering

By adopting BlokCam mobile crane cameras, construction firms can work towards a zero-incident future powered by technology. The outcome is safer work sites, increased productivity, and lower liability costs.

Direct line-of-sight gives operators the vision to handle critical lifts with full confidence. This video demonstrates how innovations like the BlokCam mobile crane camera systems are reshaping the lifting and rigging industry making it safer and more efficient.



How can putting a camera system on your crane block help speed up productivity and increase safety? Let’s take a look at the Crosby BlokCam.

What is BlokCam?

It’s really all about safety, reliability, and innovation. And the BlokCam system really checks all three of those boxes. Hi, I’m Denny Davis with The Crosby Group. Today, we’re going to talk about the BlokCam product. It’s an audio/visual system that attaches to the crane block to give that crane operator full line of sight below the hook. So let’s go take a look.

How to Install the BlokCam on Your Crane Block

What we’re going to do is we’re going to put the three key components at the block. So what we have first is our transmitter. Our antennas that we’re going to screw on. There’s some different configurations you can use with the antennas. It just depends on the specific application. Okay, the next component is what we call the sensor. It’s the camera with a built-in microphone. So if there’s any communication going on by the rigging crew below the hook, the crane operator can actually hear that communication, which is why we refer to this as an audio/visual system.

So now with these two components, I’m going to go over to the crane block. What we’re going to want to do, the best practice for installation is to mount the transmitter at the highest point on the block possible. We have four very strong, heavy-duty magnets, which is going to be the primary system to mount this, but we also have a secondary lanyard system that I’ll connect as well because obviously we want to operate safely. These magnets are very high strength, but if something were to ever come into contact with this block and shear these off, we want to make sure that we have that secondary securement with the lanyard.

Okay, so we’ve got the transmitter at the highest point of the block. We’re going to want to put the sensor or the camera at the lowest point of the block to give that operator a nice view of below the hook. So I’m going to mount that right about here. And then we also have these magnets on the cord, which allows you to just attach the cord to keep it tucked in nice and flat with the surface, keep it out of the way.

Third component with the system here at the block is going to be the battery. These are lithium-ion batteries. So I’m going to grab my battery, also grab a power cable, and I’m going to connect the battery to the transmitter. Again, this is a lithium-ion battery. We’ve got an indicator here which will tell you how much life you have in the battery. As you can see, we’ve got four lights, so I got full 100% charge on my battery. And I’m going to attach the other end of the connector up to the transmitter. Okay, so now we’re going to go back over here and set the monitor up.

How to Set Up the BlokCam Monitor in the Crane Cab

So now we’re inside the crane cab, and we have the monitor. This is our M3L monitor. As you can see, you just position it somewhere in the window that’s not in the crane operator’s way but is able to be a nice visual aid for him or her. So it’s a very heavy-duty RAM Mount suction cup system that just suction cups right to the window. Then I’ve got my power cable plugged into the back of the monitor here. And really all we need to do at this point is plug the cigarette lighter in to get power and then the monitor will come on. So I’m going to plug this in.

How Does the BlokCam Work?

BlokCam works on a radio frequency, five-gigahertz radio frequency. You really use it for any type of lifting operation where you’ve got limited line of sight or it’s a very congested area. It’s really a safety-oriented product that’s designed to give that operator more of an audio/visual sight of the load. And it also aids him, it’s just another tool that allows that operator to be more a part of the rigging team.

How Does BlokCam Help Crane Operators?

A lot of times he’s back in in the crane cab and somewhat alienated and doesn’t have really a good view of how they’re rigging up the load. Many times in blind lifts, he’s going to lift that load. He has no idea how it’s rigged until he gets line of sight on it. And that way he knows that the load is secured properly and he can feel more comfortable and operate a lot safer. It’s a safety system that’s going to, again, allow that operator to feel more secure and safe during lifting operations.

How Does BlokCam Increase Site Efficiency?

But really it’s going to increase productivity and efficiency with lifting operations. Several case studies have been done where we’ve documented 27% increased efficiency in open-lift scenarios and up to a 39% efficiency in blind-lifting scenarios. So by using the Crosby BlokCam system, it’s really going to allow you to do your job safer and more efficiently.

How Technology Can Be a Tool to Increase Safety

We have cameras in our everyday lives all over the place. One of the biggest ones is backup cameras in your car. A few short years ago, the cameras were a little bit smaller, maybe not as good. You didn’t maybe use ’em as much. Over the course of time, they’ve gotten a little bit bigger and better, and it really allows you to rely and see what’s behind you. You’re still going to use your mirrors and you’re still going to look, you’re still going to do all of the same safety protocols that you were taught. Whether you’re a lifting crew or a crane operator, you’re still going to do all of the same safety protocols. The BlokCam system just gives you one more tool in your toolbox to be able to work a lot safer.

Why is BlokCam So Important in Today’s Construction Industry?

Construction sites are getting a lot more congested. There’s a lot more moving parts going on on construction sites. So from a safety standpoint, having the line of sight from the operator to be able to see what’s going on below the hook and when the load is moving is really critical. There’s a lot of projects now that are getting in downtown environments where there’s very limited space. So from a safety standpoint, you’ve got a lot of moving parts and it really helps increase the productivity on that job site by using a camera system, as well as it allows that operator to be a lot safer during lifting operations.

How Can You Learn More About BlokCam?

With its cutting-edge technology and focus on safety, Crosby BlokCam is truly revolutionizing the industry. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Mazzella today. If you found this video useful, informative, entertaining, or you just feel like being friendly, then hit that Like button so we can get this information out to everyone who needs it. Subscribe and hit the bell so you never miss a video. If you have a question, drop it in the comments so we can get you an answer. Remember, safe rigging is smart rigging. My name is Ben, and stay safe out there.

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In this video:

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0:21 – What is BlokCam?

0:50 – How to install the BlokCam on your crane block

3:25 – How to set up the BlokCam monitor in the crane cab

4:04 – How does the BlokCam work?

4:19 – How does BlokCam help crane operators?

4:59 – How does BlokCam increase site efficiency?

5:33 – How technology can be a tool to increase safety

6:16 – Why is BlokCam so important in today’s construction industry?

6:51 – How can you learn more about BlokCam?

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