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How to Choose the Correct RUD Lifting Point

How do you select the correct lifting points for your overhead lifts? There are several factors that affect what the lifting point should be to make a safe overhead lift.

A lifting point is what you use to connect the load needing to be lifted to your rigging gear. They could be anything, including, but not limited to:

  • Swivel Hoist Rings
  • Load Rings
  • Bolt on and weld on D-Rings
  • Eyebolts

To answer the question of how to choose the correct lifting point for your application, we took a trip to Caldwell HQ in Rockford, Illinois to speak with regional sales manager, Jay Schroeder, to help outline what you need to know before choosing a lifting point.

In this video, we learn what you should know about your lift before selecting the correct point. Also, we will learn about the different lifting points offered through Caldwell’s RUD line. RUD has been creating innovative chain systems and lifting components for over 140 years.

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In this video:

0:00 – Intro

0:17 – What is a Lifting Point?

0:42 – How do you know if your lifting point needs to be bolted or welded on?

1:32 – What do you need to know about RUD lifting points?

2:22 – Is the RUD VRS STARPOINT swivel eye bolt right for your lift?

3:53 – Is the RUD VLBG hoist ring right for your lift?

5:08 – Is the RUD VWBG-V hoist ring right for your lift?

5:58 – Is the RUD ACP-TURNADO smart hoist ring right for your lift?

6:59 – How the RUD BLUE-ID System can help with your inspections

7:17 – Is the RUD ABA weld on load ring right for your lift?

7:48 – Is the RUD VLBS weld on load ring right for your lift?

8:46 – How can you learn more about RUD lifting points?

“Correction: 03:57 – VLBG and VLBG-PLUS”

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